Sheet Metal · 2021年5月7日

Introduction of specific methods in the sheet metal processing process

Many processing precautions and related processes are involved in the process of sheet metal processing. From a general point of view, the processing will be completed by shearing, punching, CNC blanking and other methods.


First, let me introduce to you the classification and characteristics of different related sheet metal products:


1. Cold rolled plate: Advantages in application, mainly used for simplicity and low cost, however, considering the specific situation.

2. Hot-rolled plate: Mainly used for electroplating and painting, but due to difficulty, it is mainly based on sheet metal.

3. Galvanized steel: Surface treatment is usually not, and its cost is not low.

4. Aluminum profile: mainly used in some more complex materials in the sub-rack.

5. Stainless steel: Surface treatment is usually not, and its cost is relatively high.


The shearing machine cuts the sheet metal into materials that meet the requirements, and can only complete non-hole processing during this operation. The punching machine can punch the material into different shapes and sizes. The advantage of this process method is that it can save time and achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency.


Numerical control cutting is also widely used in actual production work. Before cutting the material, the staff needs to write the numerical control formula first, and then draw it through the software. After the setting is completed, the processing operation can be carried out.


When CNC blanking, you must first write a CNC machining program. Use the programming software to write the drawn unfolded image into a program that can be recognized by the NC machine tool, so that according to these programs, you can punch the flat plates of various shapes on the flat plate one part by one knife. However, its structure is affected by the tool structure, and overall it can be said that the cost is very low.


Numerical control machine tools can complete process processing in combination with parameter information settings. The advantage of this method is that it can improve the accuracy of processing. Now many industries will focus on this process method.