Laser Cutting · 2021年9月21日

Introduction to the causes of stamping parts jam


  • 1. Improper adjustment of the feeding distance, cnc machining and loosening of the feeder;
  • 2. Variation in the feeding distance during production;
  • 3. Feeder failure;
  • 4. The material is curved, the width is out of tolerance, and the burrs are large;
  • 5. The mold stamping is abnormal , Sickle bend;
  • 6. Insufficient hole diameter of the guide material, the upper die pulls the material;
  • 7. The bending or tearing position is not smooth up and down;
  • 8. The stripping function of the guide plate is set improperly, and the material belt is taped;
  • 9. The material is thin and warps during feeding;
  • 10. The mold is improperly erected, and the vertical deviation from the feeder is large.


  • 1. Re-adjustment;
  • 2. Re-adjustment;
  • 3. Adjustment and maintenance;
  • 4. Replacement of materials to control the quality of the feed;
  • 5. Eliminate the bend of the material belt;
  • 6. Study the punching and guide hole convex and concave mold;
  • 7. Adjust the force of the stripping spring, etc.;
  • 8. Modify the guide material to prevent the material from being taped;
  • 9. Add upper and lower pressure stamping materials between the feeder and the mold, and install the upper and lower extrusion safety switches;
  • 10. Re-install the mold.