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Introduction to the manufacturing process of metal iron sheet stamping

(1) Draw parts drawings

Analysis of parts and stamping processability According to stamping parts drawings, analyze the shape characteristics, dimensions, precision requirements, raw material dimensions and mechanical properties of stamping parts, and combine the available stamping equipment specifications, mold manufacturing conditions, production batches and other factors , Analyze the stamping process of parts.

(2) Determine the process plan

The calculation of main process parameters is based on the analysis of stamping processability, and comprehensive analysis is carried out from the aspects of equipment occupancy, mold manufacturing difficulty and life, easy operation and safety, etc., to find out the characteristics and difficulties of process and mold design. The content includes the nature of the process, the number of processes, the sequence of processes and the combination method, etc., to determine the best plan suitable for the existing production conditions.

(3) Set process parameters

Process parameters refer to the data on which the process plan is formulated, such as various forming coefficients (drawing coefficients, bulging coefficients, etc.), part unfolding dimensions, punching force, forming force, etc.

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