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Inventory * Six common mistakes to raise a car

Car owners always love their cars, but many car owners use the wrong maintenance method, and the result is naturally counterproductive. Check it out and correct it.

1. Too much oil

When the oil is insufficient, the bearings and journals will be poorly lubricated, which will aggravate wear and even lead to burning bushing accidents.

However, if there is too much oil, the engine will also fail, that is, the crankshaft handle and the big end of the connecting rod will be violently stirred during operation, which will increase the internal power loss of the engine, and will also increase the amount of oil splashed on the cylinder wall, resulting in burning exhaust. Oil failure. Therefore, the oil should be controlled between the upper and lower lines of the oil dipstick.

2. Blindly like imported tires

Some riders especially like “imported” tires, but tires suitable for European road conditions are often difficult to perform well in China, especially the impact resistance of the sidewall is particularly “squeamish”, which is easy to cause the sidewall to bulge. In fact, after the domestic joint venture production of many foreign brands of tires, a layer of cord fabric is added to the side of the tire according to the domestic road conditions to increase the impact resistance of the sidewall.

3. The equipment in the car is increased at will

The car is like a mobile home for the car owner. It is understandable to pursue comfort and luxury in the car, but many car owners like to install various equipment in the car. If this modification is not handled properly, it will affect the performance of the car. and manipulation, it is easy to leave sequelae or affect driving safety.

4. Washing the car in the sun damages the paint

After washing the car in the sun, the car body will dry quickly, but it is also easy to damage the car paint, because under the sun, the convex lens effect formed by the water will cause local high temperature on the top layer of the car paint. will lose its luster. Car washing and waxing is best done in shaded conditions, or in the morning and evening on a cloudy or sunny day.

5. The water tank is “opening the pot” and busy adding water

The water tank is “boiled”, and many drivers are worried that the engine temperature will rise again, so they immediately turn off the flame and add water. This is wrong. The correct method is: stop the engine immediately, and turn off the engine after the cooling water temperature drops. At this time, if the cooling water is insufficient, it should be added slowly.

6. Long-term car use or short-distance car use

After the cost of using a car has risen, many car owners start to drive less, and some only drive during holidays. In this way, the surfaces of transmission parts such as the engine and the gearbox will rust because they are often in direct contact with the air. The best way is to run the car for thirty or forty minutes every few days. In addition, long-term short-distance vehicles are also easy to damage the car, so you should run long-distance in a timely manner.

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