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Large tote mold manufacturer

Sino mould offers large tote mold, storage container mold throughout the world, like for 30L tote mold, 45L tote mold, 110L tote mold, 150L tote mold……we supply this large tote molds to Italy, south Africa, turkey and so on.

Attached is one mold photo for 110L tote mold, developed the mold from 718H steel with HRC 30-34 for core and cavity part. This tote is highly quality request and tote cavity is with texture making. Mold injection system is Anole hot runner with 4 tips point gate, with filter system inside the hot runner system to suitable for recycled material injection. Mold all parts according to DME standard or DME metric standard for future convenient maintenance. The whole mold delivery time is 65 days for shipping.
Sino offers high quality plastic tote mold and storage container molds, pls do not hesitate to send us with inquiries or make down visiting to us.

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