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Market economy prompts domestic lubricant companies to pay attention to marketing


Marketing mix plan Foreign oil companies do not particularly value short-term benefits, but through in-depth research, they obtain accurate information about the target market and establish long-term marketing goals. In marketing activities, they often coordinate the controllable factors of the company, combine product strategy, pricing strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy with the marketing strategy of the Japanese standard market, formulate marketing mix plans, mediate the deployment of oil resources, and make Marketing activities are more targeted and continuous.

The marketing of domestic companies The market economy has prompted domestic lubricant companies to pay more attention to marketing, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign oil companies. Domestic companies should earnestly learn from the marketing experience of foreign companies and formulate their own marketing strategies based on the characteristics of the Chinese lubricant market. Preliminary investigation and research on existing gaps indicated that domestic lubricant companies have gaps in marketing, their market positioning is not clear, and they cannot effectively participate in market competition.

The marketing force is weak, the methods are inflexible, the quality of personnel is not high enough, and there is no relatively stable and reliable sales network; the leaders of the enterprise are affected by the original planned economic system and have insufficient understanding of the market economy, and they have not been marketing in large oil refineries. And has its due status. The products cannot keep up with the changes in market demand, the product structure is unreasonable, the grade is low, the variety is small, and the quality is poor. There is no systematic research on product flow, insensitive response to market changes, and no information channels have been established.

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