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Material selection of finishing stand roll

The large-scale steel finishing rolling stand must ensure the dimensional accuracy of the profile, the surface quality, and realize the negative tolerance rolling. Therefore, the finishing roll must have excellent wear resistance and certain thermal crack resistance. At present, China’s large-scale steel finishing rolls mainly use chromium-molybdenum ductile infinite chilled cast iron rolls. For the production of large-size steel. The roll body is processed with a deep L shape. Due to the large hardness drop of the roll body, the single groove rolling volume of this type of roll is low, and the groove and roll change operations are frequent. Therefore, the roll consumption increases, the rolling mill operation rate is low, and the rolling is affected. Material quality. Some steel mills use high-carbon semi-steel rolls and high-carbon graphite steel rolls. High-carbon semi-steel rolls with a carbon content of more than 1.7%. The hardness is HS50~65, the content of alloying elements such as nickel, chromium and molybdenum increases, the roll body structure appears bainite, and the carbide content increases at the same time, showing good wear resistance. Foreign countries have used pearlite or acicular structure ductile iron rolls with high wear resistance for large-scale steel finishing stands. For finishing stands with a pass depth greater than 100mm, it is recommended to use high-carbon semi-steel rolls with a smaller reduction in roll body hardness.

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