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Mec-Spe 2008: An Always Evolving ‘City’

The Parma Fairgrounds will host Mec-Spe 2008, the international trade fair for specialized mechanics, April 3–5. The assembly of variously themed but related shows that Senaf S.r.l. has put together—Mec-Spe, Eurostampi, Subfornitura, Control Italy, Motek Italy, and PlastixExpo—again concentrates in a single space the different elements of the mechanics industry, and can be expected to attract a qualified visiting public coming from wide range of sectors.

More than 1,000 companies will be exhibiting, representing an increasingly global market. They come from 20 countries, including China, Romania, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. The Mec-Spe event will occupy 42,000 m² of exhibition space and will be augmented by 13 associated conferences.

Senaf has laid out 22 squares and themed avenues to help each visitor identify clearly the route to follow toward products and technologies of interest. Scattered throughout the neighbourhoods of this vast mechanical “city” will be 16 “working islands,” demonstration areas where machines will be operating and observers will get a close look at all the stages in the creation of a product, from design through actual production, involving a team of partners, each with its own specialization and role to play in the production chain.

Novelties on offer at this upcoming edition of Mec-Spe include the Avenue of the Robots, where Cartesian and anthropomorphic models will be on display, along with versatile and programmable solutions for welding, handling, and coating.

The Avenue of Electronics is an area where fair visitors can find partners specializing in industrial electronics, electromechanical units, printed circuit boards, and digital and analogue electronic solutions.

The latest laser, plasma, and electrogas welding procedures can be seen along the Avenue of Welding.

And finally, on the Avenue of Treatments, exhibitors will present an array of recently developed solutions for galvanic treatment and coating.

“Edition after edition, we are enhancing the way the event is formulated so as to be able to follow market developments and involve more and more qualified professionals,” says Maruska Sabato, the project manager for Mec-Spe.

Senaf has organized a series of events at this year’s Mec-Spe that are designed to maximize the possibility of visitors and exhibitors getting together to discuss the latest processes, technologies, and production materials. Owing to the variety of products on display, notes Sabato, exhibitors can be sure to have a large impact on a targeted audience of opinion leaders and decision makers in the manufacturing industry.

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