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Micro lubrication better than traditional lubrication for metal cutting

No matter what kind of metal cutting, tool performance, cutting force, and lubrication effect are all factors that affect cutting efficiency and tool durability. The role of lubrication in cutting is between “tool-workpiece” and “tool-chip” Provide a good lubricating oil film, so that it can inhibit temperature rise, reduce tool wear, and prevent adhesion.

Because the traditional cutting fluid and cutting oil pouring lubrication can not effectively generate oil film on the friction surface. Therefore, the lubrication effect cannot be fully exerted, and the pouring cooling is easy to form a thermal shock to the tool, which leads to a decrease in tool durability. The key to micro-lubrication is that ultra-fine oil mist particles can easily penetrate and adhere to the cutting friction zone to form an oil film.

The international mainstream products of micro-lubrication technology are all micron-sized oil mist particles produced by an oil mist generator and compressed air to form a mixed flow that is sprayed to the cutting friction area at a high speed to form a lubricating oil film.

Multiphase flow micro-lubrication: application direction tapping, sawing, guide rails, screw rods, wire ropes and other fields, as well as traditional equipment turning, milling, and other transformation projects with lower investment.

The use of oil-gas two-phase flow or oil-gas-water three-phase flow is a form in which compressed air tears the oil droplets into oil mist at the outlet end of the external nozzle. The oil mist particles formed in this way are larger, the permeability is poor, and Can not fully form a reliable lubricating oil film in the cutting friction zone. The addition of water solves the cooling of chips, workpieces, and tool body after friction deformation, and the problem of cutting heat during friction cannot be effectively suppressed. In the case of multiphase flow, the lubrication status has not been effectively improved, and the harmful thermal shock to the tool life continues to exist, which is uncertain in terms of production.

The current mainstream cutting fluid alternative is MQL micro-lubrication technology (micron-level oil mist particles are generated by an oil mist generator and compressed air to form a mixed flow and sprayed to the cutting friction area to form a lubricating oil film). The production lines that have been put into production use this technology.

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