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More prepare working about programming for precision machining

More prepare working about programming for precision machining :
3. Prepare part machining program Calculate the tool movement trajectory data and the determined process parameters and auxiliary actions according to the processing route. When we do precision machining, the programmer can write the part's machining program segment by paragraph according to the functional instructions and the block format specified by the CNC system used. When writing, attention should be paid to: first, the normative nature of program writing should be easy to express and communicate; secondly, based on the full familiarity with the performance and instructions of the cnc machine tools used, the skills of each instruction and the skills of programming. 
4. Entering the program into the CNC machine, The method of inputting the machining program into the CNC machine tool includes: an opto-electronic reader, a keyboard, a magnetic disk, a magnetic tape, a memory card, a DNC interface to an upper computer, and a network. At present, the commonly used method is to directly input the processing program (MDI mode) to the CNC machine program memory through the keyboard or to transfer the processing program to the program memory of the CNC machine tool through the communication interface of the computer and the numerical control system.For cnc machining parts,  The machine tool operator processes the parts according to the parts. Need to make a call. Now some new CNC machine tools have been equipped with large-capacity memory card storage processing programs, which are used as NC machine program memory. Therefore, the NC program can be stored in the memory card in advance.
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