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Mould For Plastic Bottle Cap

Sino Packaging has been focusing on the technological innovation and development of packaging cap moulds. Over the past 20 years, it has developed and manufactured a wide range of bottle caps mould, such as clamshell moulds, beverage cap moulds, cosmetic cap moulds and daily necessities caps. Also dedicated to providing complete sets of cap injection molding solutions, such as: automatic thread rotary injection molding solutions, automatic flip injection molding solutions, strong de-threaded caps Injection molding solutions, etc. And we can also help you set up the crate production line—Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


Our complete set of production line service can make the customer's products in a short time to market quickly, greatly saving the customer's time and cost, therefore won the customer's high praise. Sino packaging department has delivered thousands of injection cap production lines to well-known injection cap manufacturers in Europe, north and South America, Australia, Africa and Asia.


Our current plastic bottle cap injection mould experience. For example:


72 cavity mineral water bottle cap injection mold

Product: 2g cap is suitable for water packaging industry

Product size: PCO28mm

Cavity: 72 cavity

Mold size: 1320 * 620 * 759mm

Machine: DKM-600HH

Mold main material: S136 steel, HRC48-50 (ASSAB)

Mold injection system: hot runner needle valve system (Anole brand)

Cycle time: 7 seconds

Guaranteed mould life: 5M

Delivery time: 65 working days


24 cavity five-gallon plastic cap injection mold

Product: Five gallon plastic cap

Product weight: 8.8 ± 0.1g

Cavity: 24 cavity

Machines: DKM350SV

Mold main material: S136 stainless steel, HRC48-50 (ASSAB)

Mold injection system: 24 points Anole hot runner

Mold ejection system: fully automatic

Mold cycle time: 12 seconds

Guaranteed mould life: 5M

Delivery time: 50-65 working days


Sino's advantages make customers more worry-free, make customers more labor-saving, make customers more time-saving, and provide regular mold progress reports to help customers better understand the order process to arrange related matters.

Sino is looking forward to cooperating with you.


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