Sheet Metal · 2022年12月7日

NC Machine Tool Spindle

Spindle is used to directly face the workpiece, he is driven by a motor, high speed, the spindle mounted on the shaft, you can chip your parts to meet various production needs, will also directly influence the machining precision of the spindle, internal bearings if worn easily swing out of the precision machining of spindle naturally biased. Spindle speed is generally about 8000 rpm, high speed machine can do more than 20,000 cycles, each machine is only one spindle of machining center of traditional, recent dual-spindle multiple spindle machining center was coming. 3) screw, is also part of the fuselage, it is driven by a servo motor, driven by screw bushing worktable displacements, realize the need, screw-if space is also directly reflected in the machining accuracy, and finish it.

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