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New COSMOS Team at SolidWorks

SolidWorks has introduced its new team for its COSMOS® analysis software: Larry Terwey and Jürgen Haberger will push COSMOS sales in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe. In their role as sales and technical managers, Terwey, 42, and Haberger, 27, will create and implement sales strategies, and support resellers and technical sales. Additionally, they are responsible for technical marketing and for the acquisition and support of large accounts.

Born in Berlin, Larry Terwey has gained deep experience in marketing and sales since starting his career in 1989. He was a senior business manager at Nemetschek AG and channel manager at Autodesk before joining SolidWorks. Prior to that, Terwey worked in various positions, including being a member of the board of executives and sales director at IB&T GmbH.

Before he came to SolidWorks, Jürgen Haberger worked for IVM Automotive in technical calculation, with a focus on stress analysis. He acquired experience at the BMW Group through multiple internships in car body development and metallographic and mechanical testing. Haberger holds a degree in mechanical engineering.

In addition, Tuncay Arslan will be responsible for the UK sales region as technical support engineer for analysis products. Arslan studied design engineering at the Fachhochschule Aachen in Germany, and began his career as a design engineer with Advanced Valve Technologies in Kent, UK. He has expertise in design engineering and detailing, product management, and the finite element analysis method.

COSMOS software can be used to validate, and eliminate potential faults in, 3D models during the design process and prior to prototyping. It helps companies to design products more rapidly and cost-efficiently. Fully integrated into SolidWorks® 3D CAD software, COSMOS can be started directly from the SolidWorks user interface.

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