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Nickel alloy 625 stocks

Nickel alloy 625 stocks

 Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd (China), which specialized in exporting high-temperature alloys and corrosion resistant alloys, such as Alloy 601, Alloy 600, Alloy 625, Alloy C276, Alloy 400 and nickel.

Now, We have a large stock of alloy 625 tube.

Material : alloy 625 / uns n06625
OD: 1inch , 3/4 inch
Thickness: sch5s , sch10s

Any inquiry about alloy 625 tube,don’t hesitate to contact us. Email:[email protected]
At present, Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd (China) and Shanghai Eraum Alloy Materials Co.,Ltd (Eraum) reached a high degree of strategic partners. China is the only international trade center for Eraum and takes charge of the overall responsibility for the Eraum sales and promotion to the world which shows the charm of alloy products.
If you have interest in our nickel alloy products, please INBOX US, then we will contact you soon~


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