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Oven Mitt Silicone, Does It Suits For Home Cooking?

Does silicone oven mitts suits for home cooking? Can it work well in heat insulation?When considering how to choose the perfect oven mitt, what will appear in your mind? Generally speaking, material of gloves, touch sense, clean ways are factors may influence your decision.Material: In order to prevent result of burned hands, the material oven mitts is made of should be heat resistant. It is clearly that oven mitts will be used to move high temperature subjects. If you ignore that  how much heat th oven mitts that you choose can withstand, it will take a risk of burned hands or damage oven mitt to user.Feels Of Using: Whether users feel comfortable when wearing is also very important. There are many materials with high melting point and low heat transfer rate, but not all of them suit for making oven gloves. The ideal oven mitt should not stiff, rough and hard to move in.Cleaning: Does this oven mitt easy to clean? As we all know, oil and sauces stains are inevitable when using a kitchen mitt. If a kind of material oven glove are easily dirty and hard to remove stains. Once it has alternative, this kind of material oven mitt must will loss part of users.Can silicone oven mitts meet with these basic requests of ideal oven gloves?Silicone oven mitts are features in heat insulation, heat resistant and waterproof. Generally speaking, silicone rubber can withstand high temperature up to 230 degree. It is safe to wear silicone gloves to move high temperature subjects.

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