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Pastic After-sale Service

As a manufacturer specializing in the plastic injection molds, SINO Company main business: crate mold, thin-wall container mold ,PET preform mold, pipe fittings mold, bucket molds, chair&table molds….

SINO's value is make molding more valuable. Having a complete after-sales service make customers to agree the value of our company and continue to purchase our products.

Because no matter how good a mold manufacturer is, it is difficult to avoid this or that problem.

With more than 20 years of injection molding experience, we have also accumulated a group of experienced after-sales service teams.


SINO After-sale service


After the mold is shipped to the customer company, our engineers can be arranged for on-site commissioning, in order to make the mold works smoothly.

The mold guarantee is one year. During one year, due to mold quality problems, we will help to remake new hot runners and other parts without charge.

And we will also prepare some vulnerable parts for customers.

One year later, SINO will provide customers with free technical support services for life.

At the same time, our company will keep the customer's mold design drawings for more than five years to ensure that the customer can customize the vulnerable parts in the later period, and also save the design time by making the copy mold for the customer.

Our sales engineer will also visit customers regularly with calling, consult customers about their usage, and remind customers to maintain molds regularly.

Excellent after-sales service is the product of a brand, which will create more value for the company.

SINO has always insisted on helping customers solve problems in time and reduce customer losses. And we are constantly working hard to provide customers with better after-sales service.


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