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Plastic Injection Chair Mould

SINO MOULD exports more than 1000 sets of mold per year.Also it has high performance-price ratio ,short delivery period and plenty of professional experience on plastic chair mold.Specially, SINO MOULD offers service to client from products safety,beauty,light weight and so on.By decreasing mold injection cycle time,SINO MOULD could create the value for clients.

At the same time,SINO MOULD has advanced processing equipment,strong technical ability to manufacture high quality&precision .Using CAD/CAE/CAM system make all kinds of molds design,structure,program and so on.About the mold design,our design teams use cad2d&3d software to make drawings ,meeting all kinds of plastic products shape design requirement in the world.

 The point of plastic folding chair is foldable.Although common chair mold is a big mould compared with general daily necessities mold.The plastic folding chair mold need more sets of mold to make the whole chair.Every folding parts need molds separately.Usually,a set of plastic folding chair mold needs about 5 molds.On the plastic folding mold field,SINO MOULD has rich experience and has iconic project-Folding Crate.Now,SINO MOULD are producing and selling 6 series of Folding Plastic Crate.Usually,the folding type of the mold is snap-in.Therefor,the precision of snap-in is highly required.About it,SINO MOULD has strong ability to make the mold.

We provide customers with chair molds with automatic demoulding. At the same time, the robot can help pick up the chair, which is more convenient. Automatic demoulding also needs to raise the height of the injection molding machine. If the customer needs to build a complete production line, we can also design a production line specifically suitable for the customer. We provide customers with equipment, installation and training services. The equipment includes: chair molds, injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment.

SINO MOULD promotes the entrepreneurial tenet of "treating people with sincerity and trustworthiness", pursuing the policy of "zero failure in quality, customer satisfaction", to achieve stable quality, timely delivery, reasonable prices, and good service, so that customers can be assured and satisfied. 

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