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plastic mould| high quality pipe fittings

We have a wide range of high quality pipe fitting, they are in the variety of size and styles.


Raw material: PPR (shrinkage rate is 0.4-0.5% ); PP; PE; PVC;ABS(retardant)

HDPE (shrinkage rate is 1.8%-2.0%)

Type: socket, couple; tee, 45°90°elbow, reducer, U-type; bridge-type; U-pvc; cross; valve; union and so on;

Runner gate: PP(submarine gate)PVC (side gate);

Circle time: 1 cav, 110mm—-40~50 seconds;

Launch way: thimble; curve sliding; unscrewing; collapsible core

Steel: PVC use S420,2316; PP use 2344,2738,P20; PP-R use 2738

Cavity: 1,2,;n

Mould life: 5 million

Product inspection points: supporting, drainage or water supply, thickness tolerances (+-0.15mm) , weld line, deformation, ect.

Annual output: 500 sets

From the mold design, our designer will transform the mold 3D design on the computer to see how well the mold is fixed to the compatible injection molding machine. With the plastic filling capacity and the clamping force of the molding machine, we help the customer to choose the most suitable of the machines to save electricity and costs.

If you want to know more information about China high quality pipe fitting, I warmly welcome you to discuss with me online.


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