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Plastic mould| How to buy injection mold ? -Pasticmould

 Injection mold is used widely in plastic industry, when we buy injection mold, we should consider from several aspects. For example, mold inspection standard, the capacity and scale of the mold company, and its experience and the production facility.

When buying injection mould, we should pay attention in many ways. For example, mold machining precision, whether manufacturers have enough experience, and whether they have quality guarantee. And we should consider from the product to the capacity synthetically.

There are so many standards when we check mold, but these points are very important:
1. Whether the products come up to customer requirement.
2. Whether successive production is stable and safe.
3. Whether cycle comes up to minimum production cost.
4. Whether the mold design and mold structure are reasonable.
5. Whether mold steel suit for long-term production demand.
6. Whether appearance is clean, whether identifying is complete.
Above points can be detailed adjust according to the demand of company and product stipulate.

In a word, there is no fixed standard on buying injection mold, but there is the most essential and the most fundamental requirement should be considered preferentially.

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