Sheet Metal · 2021年5月7日

Precautions for the technological process of electronic product sheet metal processing

At present, sheet metal processing has become a more prominent form of processing in the processing industry. Nowadays, the shells of many electronic products are made of sheet metal materials with good strength and long life.

So what are the technological processes and precautions for sheet metal processing of electronic products? Let’s understand together: when bending, we must first follow the drawings. The size and thickness of the data must be the tool and slot used for bending. Preventing the product from colliding with the tool and causing deformation is the key to the selection of the upper mold (in the same product, different types of upper molds may be used), and the lower mold The selection depends on the thickness of the plate. The second is to affirm the sequence of bending. The general rule of bending is first inside and then outside, first small and then big, first special and then common. The workpiece with the edge to be crushed first bend the workpiece to 30°-40°, and then use the leveling die to crush the workpiece. The workpiece needs to be surface treated after the bending, riveting and other processes are completed, and the surface treatment methods of different plates are different. After cold plate processing, surface electroplating is generally carried out. After electroplating, spraying treatment is not carried out. Phosphating treatment is used, followed by spraying treatment. The surface of the electroplated board is cleaned, degreased, and then sprayed. The stainless steel plate (with mirror panel, fog panel, and wire drawing board) can be drawn before bending. No spraying is required. If spraying is required, it needs to be roughed; aluminum plates are generally oxidized, and different colors can be selected according to different spraying colors. Oxidized background color.

In the sheet metal processing process, usually after the blanking is completed, it enters the next process, and different workpieces enter the corresponding process according to the processing request. There are bending, riveting, flanging tapping, spot welding, convex hull, and segment difference. Sometimes the nut or stud should be pressed after one or two bends. Among them, the center of the mold punching convex hull and the segment difference needs to be considered. Process first, so as to prevent other processes from intervening after processing first and failing to complete the required processing. When there are hooks on the upper cover or lower shell, if they cannot be touch-welded after bending, they must be processed before bending. Sheet metal products are becoming more and more popular among users. We can see sheet metal products everywhere in our lives, such as display cabinets, storage cabinets, workbenches, shelves, material racks, etc. It can be seen that it is important for our production and life. Say how important it is.