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Prevention of cavitation in the plugging head of a four-column hydraulic press

Prevention method of cavitation erosion of the plugging head of the four-column hydraulic press:

Strictly select the hydraulic oil.

Select hydraulic oil strictly in accordance with oil specifications. Choosing good quality hydraulic oil can effectively avoid air bubbles in the hydraulic system during work. When selecting oil, you should choose according to the lowest temperature in different areas, and fill the hydraulic oil according to the dipstick specification. At the same time, you should also maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic system (when filling hydraulic oil, avoid bringing moisture and other impurities into it. ), often check the oil quality, oil level and oil color of the hydraulic oil. If you find that there are blisters, bubbles, or the oil turns milky white in the hydraulic oil, you should carefully find the origin of the air in the oil and eliminate it in time.

The oil temperature is too high to reduce hydraulic shock.

Reasonable planning of the heat dissipation system of the four-column hydraulic press for the plugging head and avoiding excessive oil temperature is the key to maintaining the normal hydraulic oil temperature of the four-column hydraulic press. If there is an abnormality, the cause should be searched for and cleaned up in time. When operating the hydraulic operating lever and distribution valve, strive to be stable, not too fast or too violently, nor to increase the engine throttle frequently to minimize the impact of the hydraulic oil on the hydraulic components. At the same time, the cooling system should be protected in time to keep the temperature of the cooling system within an appropriate range to reduce the energy released when the bubbles burst. Without affecting the normal circulation of the coolant, a certain amount of anti-corrosion increasing agent can be appropriately added to inhibit rust.

The normal gap of the joint surface of the hydraulic components of the four-column hydraulic press of the plugging head should be installed in accordance with the lower limit of the tolerance of the installation dimension when manufacturing or repairing the main parts of the hydraulic cylinder (such as cylinder block, piston rod, etc.). Practice has proved that Can well reduce the onset of cavitation phenomenon. If the hydraulic components have already exhibited cavitation, the metallographic sandpaper polishing technology can only be used to remove the pitting and surface carbon of the cavitation. Do not use ordinary fine sandpaper for polishing.

When repairing a four-column hydraulic press with a plugging head, pay attention to the exhaust hydraulic cylinder. After the repair, the hydraulic system should work smoothly at a certain time so that the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system can be fully circulated; if necessary, the hydraulic cylinder can be fed into the oil pipe (Or the oil return pipe) disassemble to allow the hydraulic oil to overflow, so as to achieve the function of exhausting a single hydraulic cylinder.

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