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Properties of tungsten plates

Tungsten plate steel gray or silver white, high hardness, high melting point, no air erosion at room temperature; Mainly used for the manufacture of filament and high speed cutting alloy steel, super hard die, also used in optical instruments, chemical instruments. China is the world's largest tungsten storage country.

A metallic element, silvery white crystalline, hard and brittle, with a high melting point, used to make fine wire and special alloy steel: tungsten wire. Tungsten iron. Tungsten steel. Tungsten ore (fine tungsten ore).

Tungsten is a nonferrous metal, but also an important strategic metal, tungsten ore in ancient times known as "heavy stone." In 1781, Swedish chemist Carl William scheele discovered scheine and extracted a new element acid – tungstate. In 1783, the Spanish discovered that wolframite was also extracted from tungstate. In the same year, tungsten powder was first obtained by using carbon reduction tungsten trioxide, and the element was named. The amount of tungsten in the earth's crust is 0.001%. There are 20 types of tungsten minerals found. Tungsten deposits are generally formed with the activity of granitic magma. Tungsten after smelting is a silver-white shiny metal with a very high melting point and a high hardness. Tungsten is an element with a high melting point.

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