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Protect tigers, avoiding poaching and the deterioration of habitats

World Wide Fund for Nature recruits animal lovers to stop poaching .poaching and the deterioration of habitats are the main reasons why the predator is endangered.
If we don’t take action quickly, these big cats are likely to disappear from China,
The border area between China and the far eastern part of Russia is their main habitat. So protection work is also being carried out in this area.
By doing more to protect these areas, we can build a migration corridor to connect Northeast China and Russia and provide tigers with a larger and more comfortable habitat.
Olga Sass with the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Russia Amur branch, praised the work and called for China and Russia to cooperate more closely to protect tigers and leopards.
Experts said
Volunteer conservationists have organized a series of mountain patrols to prevent poachers from targeting wild Siberian tigers in Northeast China and make more people aware of the animal’s plight.
The three-day project, organized by the China branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature, attracted people from across the country, including Shanghai and Fujian province.

“We wanted the volunteers to learn more about the tigers through these activities and to make sure more people know about the importance of conserving wildlife and protecting the environment,” said Liu Yi, who is with the fund’s China tiger program.
The environmental group is a driving force behind the work being done to research and protect Siberian tigers in the wild. It has opened a branch dedicated to the pursuit of that mission in Changchun, capital of Jilin province


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