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Quality of surface treatment for precision CNC machining parts

So many processing companies of cnc machining parts. The scope of their processing is some spare parts, or some hardware. Many people have seen the benefits, and they have joined the industry. Precision CNC machining parts is one of them. However, How the quality of electroplating processing/surface treatment of precision CNC machining? First, check the quality of plumbing hardware productsTake the faucet as an example, the appearance of the products is not allowed to have burrs or pockmarks. The material of the faucet is mainly copper-zinc alloy. Some manufacturers are not pure copper-zinc alloy, which is often doped with a large amount of impurities, so the product is not used. The quality is basically not guaranteed. When the electroplating process is stopped, the phenomenon of sand holes, pinholes, etc. is often present, which not only affects the quality of the production, but also may be considered to be immature in the electroplating process. Therefore, before the electroplating, it is necessary to grasp the inspection. If there is a problem in the electroplating process, try to stop the degreasing and then check. After stopping the electroplating with the qualified materials, stop the comparison and check whether the material quality is the reason.
Second, plumbing hardware products stop polishing processThe appearance of the plumbing parts is stopped and polished, the shape of the demand is made, the rough appearance of the product is smoothed, and the blisters on the exterior of the parts can be eliminated, so that the appearance of the parts is both beautiful and antiseptic.
 In the plumbing parts, the quality of the appearance is the first element to judge the whole product. The burrs, pitting, pinholes, etc. cannot be presented, and the brightness of the exterior is high, which requires the polishing process to complete.
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