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Requirements for bending parts in the processing of metal stamping parts

Zigzag parts are a special type of metal stamping parts, which require high processing technology, but they are also widely used. Next, I invite Manager Yu of PTJ Hardware to introduce the requirements of metal stamping parts processing for zigzag parts.

  • 1. The shape of zigzag parts: The shape of zigzag parts should be simple and symmetrical. Try to use simple and symmetrical shapes such as V-shaped and Z-shaped to facilitate mold making and reduce the number of twists and turns.
  • 2. The bending radius: the bending radius should not be less than the minimum bending radius allowed by the data, and the fiber direction of the data should be considered to prevent bending and cracking during the tortuous process; but it should not be too large to prevent the precision of the metal stamping parts due to excessive springback. reduce.
  • 3. Zigzag edge height h: The zigzag edge of the zigzag part is too short and it is not easy to bend and form. Generally, the zigzag edge height h>2δ; if the zigzag height h is not allowed, the process groove must be pre-pressed or an appropriate The margin will be cut off after the twists and turns.
  • 4. When bending parts with holes, in order to prevent the deformation of the hole, the orientation of the hole should avoid the deformation zone, or the pre-punched process hole should be adjacent to the hole.

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