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Research on Chinese Characters Thinning NC Engraving Technology

In the CNC engraving process, the Mold industry and the advertising industry have requirements for the CNC engraving of Chinese characters. Generally, there are two methods to generate the CNC engraving code of Chinese characters. One is to use Windows’ TrueType font feature to obtain its outline for CNC processing. This processing method corresponds to each stroke of a Chinese character. The tool will go twice, so the processing effect for small characters or thin fonts is not good. The second is to directly use the single-line fonts added in Windows to generate numerical control codes. Because single-line fonts cannot be converted into other fonts (such as Kaiti, Imitation Songti, etc.), they often fail to meet certain special requirements.

The method of mathematical morphology is used to refine the Chinese characters, take out their skeletons to form single-line characters, and then the software automatically generates numerical control codes for engraving processing. It is suitable for Chinese characters of any font, so that the tool can only have a few strokes of each Chinese character. Two users are designing the same paper. In addition, they can also communicate in real time through the message bar on the right.

It should be pointed out that although the models displayed between users in the same group are all the same, only the project creator (project leader) or some specific users have the right to save the project in the area corresponding to the project in the database (project database) However, other users can only save the model in the area (user database) opened up by the database for themselves, and have no right to update the project database.

The 21st century is the era of knowledge economy. Whether an enterprise can make good use of its own intellectual resources and the outside world, and whether it can achieve rapid innovation of knowledge, is of great significance to the development of the enterprise. The knowledge management collaborative modeling system based on the B/S model proposed in this paper is conducive to the cross-regional negotiation modeling of the knowledge model within the enterprise and the one-time walk, so as to achieve good Cnc Machining of small Chinese characters.

1 The contours, skeletons, and refinement processing contours of Chinese characters refer to the closed curve or set of closed curves surrounding the target contour. Under Windows, Chinese characters are TrueType fonts. The control points of the recorded characters are used to save the outline of the character, and then the outline is filled to form the Chinese character. Therefore, a special API function of Windows, GetGlyphOutline, can be used to obtain the coordinate information of the control point, and a B-spline curve can be obtained, and a series of points on the spline curve outline can be found in a small equal interval, and connected by a polyline , Get machinable vector data. In addition, it is also possible to obtain the coordinate value of the contour point through the contour extraction algorithm of the Chinese character image (such as the seed algorithm, etc.). Dynamic collaborative modeling between WWW enterprises, the management of modern enterprises is adapted to globalization, informatization, and networking. Development has a certain helping effect.

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