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Selection Of Stainless Steel Fasteners

Fasteners made of stainless steel can be plated or heat-treated to achieve better performance, and at the same time can be 100% recycled.

When selecting fasteners, whether the stainless steel material is magnetic does not indicate its quality. In fact, some chromium-manganese stainless steels are stainless steels that are not magnetic.

The fastener uses stainless steel as the material, which can be said to have great advantages in all aspects of manufacturing, use, and processing. Therefore, although the fastener uses stainless steel as the material itself, the cost is relatively high, and the cycle life is relatively short. Among the solutions, it is still a more economical one, and it is more and more popular among customers.

In the process of using stainless steel as a material, fasteners used to rely more on the use of nickel, but the price of fasteners has also been greatly affected when the global price of nickel increases.

In order to alleviate cost pressures and improve the competitiveness of fasteners, fastener manufacturers have specifically looked for alternative materials and produced low-nickel stainless steel fasteners.

It should be reminded that if the fastener uses stainless steel as the main material, it is still necessary to understand the magnetic problem of stainless steel itself. Stainless steel is generally considered to be non-magnetic, but in fact, after a certain processing process, austenite series materials may have certain magnetic properties, but if this is considered to be magnetic, it is also inaccurate to judge the quality of stainless steel fasteners. .

The cost of stainless steel fasteners is relatively high. Whether stainless steel fastener products are required is analyzed according to specific conditions.

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