Sheet Metal · 2021年5月7日

Sheet metal processing in China: What are the welding methods in sheet metal processing?

There are many welding methods used in industrial production, which can be classified into three categories according to the characteristics of the welding process.

1. Fusion welding: The common feature of this type of welding method is that the joints of the weldments are heated to a molten state by means of local heating, fused with each other, and joined with each other after condensation. Common arc welding and gas welding belong to this category.

2. Pressure welding: The common feature of this type of welding method is that a certain pressure is applied during welding regardless of whether the welding is heated or not, so that the two bonding surfaces are in close contact and promote the generation of nodules between atoms to obtain two The solid link of the weldment. Resistance welding and friction welding fall into this category.

3. Brazing: It has similarities with fusion welding, and a firm connection can also be obtained, but there is an essential difference between the two. This method is to use the solder with a lower melting point than the solder and the solder to heat together to melt the solder, but the solder itself does not melt. The liquid solder is used to wet the solder to fill the joint gap and diffuse with the solder. Realize the combination with the solid metal to be welded, and connect to each other after condensation. Such as soldering, brazing, etc.

The introduction of numerical control equipment has greatly improved the factory’s production capacity, precision, and efficiency. Sheet metal processing operations are often required in parts processing units and industrial fields. In fact, this statement is more general because it covers a lot of process methods and parameter information during processing.

Sheet metal processing also has relatively high requirements for operators. Operators need to understand various processing processes, as well as be familiar with equipment applications and parameter information input methods. To put it simply, this processing method mainly includes cutting, bending and forming, and punching, etc. It is necessary to select a suitable operation method based on actual needs. The process of sheet metal processing directly determines the quality of our sheet metal processing.