Laser Cutting · 2021年5月7日

Sheet metal processing is developing towards intelligence and automation

1. Consistency of structural dimensional tolerances of welded parts

Intelligent robots do not have the ability to perceive and adapt their thinking in real-time. The processing program we have compiled provides it with parameters such as weld length, weld height, and weld spacing. The robot will repeat processing according to the input program. When the size deviation of the part is obviously beyond its tolerance range, during the welding process, the following situations will occur: when the distance between the welding electrode and the welding seam increases, the arc cannot be started due to the excessive distance; the distance between the welding electrode and the welding seam decreases , The electrode head will touch the part and alarm. In this way, the machine cannot work smoothly, and repeated modification of the program will waste more time.
Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the control of dimensional tolerances in the front section of welding parts, including shearing, general punching, digital punching, laser, bending, riveting, etc., so that the consistency of the bulk product structure and size is relatively stable. . When other abnormalities occur, the processing technology should be adjusted to ensure dimensional stability.

2. Reasonably designed welding fixture
The advantage of robots compared with employees is that the quality of employees’ work will be affected by fatigue, emotions, concentration, etc., and robots will only execute from beginning to end according to the planned procedures. Therefore, as far as possible, the robot is in an effective working state to the greatest extent possible, and the working time is fully utilized to improve work efficiency. Figure 3 below is the result of the efficiency improvement.
Initially, when the caster bracket assembly was manually welded, there was no fixture, and it was directly welded by hand pinching. When I first started working, I was full of energy and could basically meet the requirements. However, over time, fatigue affected the line of sight slowly, and the size after welding was obviously out of tolerance.
Afterwards, in order to eliminate the effects of personnel fatigue, the designed quick clamping tool positioning ensures that the dimensions after welding are within the tolerance requirements. When manual welding is adopted, this tooling can basically meet its requirements; when a welding robot is used to work with this tooling, this tooling will show the defect that the welding efficiency is obviously not high: manual clamping and robot welding cannot be performed simultaneously. When the robot is welding, the clamping worker is waiting for nothing; when the worker is clamping the part, the robot is in a stopped working state.
According to the above situation, the installation, disassembly and replacement of a single welding component and the robot welding man-hours were separately counted, and two sets of fixtures for clamping multiple welding components at one time were redesigned, so that the welding time and the auxiliary tool clamping and picking Time is balanced, so that the work efficiency of welding robots and operators is doubled.

Three, prepare a reasonable welding procedure
The welding current, welding voltage, arc starting and ending time, welding speed and other parameters proposed in the welding procedure are to meet the welding quality of the weld that meets the technical requirements of the product; the effectiveness of the equipment is improved by adjusting the welding sequence and optimizing the walking path. The working time and the reasonableness of the welding procedure directly determine the high and low production efficiency.
Sheet metal welding processing is developing towards automation and intelligence. No matter how advanced facilities and equipment are, there are more or less limitations in certain aspects. Therefore, it is very important to formulate inspection procedures, strictly control quality, supervise, and implement strictly in the production process of products. Only by strictly checking the details of each step of the processing, the production will be smooth. Only by striving for perfection in the products can we win the excellent reputation in the industry.