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Silicone Egg Boilers, What Are They And How To Use Them?

silicone egg boiler tools, what is it?They actually are some small kitchen gadgets making cooking easier and more convenient. They may have completely different structures, but all of them are egg cooking tools.
Silicone Egg Boiling CupSilicone Egg Boiling Cup
You may once saw this small cup for cooking egg on shopping website: Break the egg shell and leave egg white and egg yolk. Put this silicone cup in boiling water, after few minutes, then you can get a complete boiled egg. This small silicone cup can be called silicone egg boiler tool. t is mainly be used to get an egg shape hard boiled egg without shell.A silicone kitchen tool looks like a shallow bowl can also be called egg boiler. It is designed for cooking poached eggs.Silicone egg holder is a tool with a long handle. It is mainly used to cook water boiled egg with shell.

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