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Silicone face mask features

silicone face mask features:

1.FDA KN95 Mask Silicone Mask virus,dust,fog,haze,dust,pollution,germs,allergies,car exhaust, pollen, etc;
2.Respiratory protection according to KN95, filter efficiency up to 95%;
3.The anti pollution mouth mask are made of food grade silicone with changeable filters.The usage time per filter can last as long as 2 weeks.
4.KN95 masks are with lightweight design and elastic silicone head bands make it comfortable to wear;
5.Wash your Hands before putting on a mask, or do not touch the inside of the mask during use,to reduce the possibility of mask contamination.
6. Food grade silicone, comfortable to wear
7. Enviromental,reusable,can be sterilized by boiling water.


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