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Silicone masks are popular among people

silicone masks are one of the innovative products successfully developed in the personal epidemic prevention market. Silica gel masks can be reused, which can help reduce the demand for disposable disposable masks in China, which may lead to a new consumption direction of the global mask industry. This is undoubtedly a good news for silicone products manufacturers!


At present, the disposable surgical masks and N95 masks mainly rely on the “pore filtration” and “electrostatic adsorption” of melt-sprayed non-woven fabric as the main means of filtration on the market. The mask will gradually lose static electricity when exposed to substances such as water, resulting in a dramatic drop in filtration efficiency. And the market is called anti-smog silicone masks, silicone mask products, in fact, only the part of the face with silicone material, the main part of the material is Plastic, through the filter box or filter for air filtration. Because silicone products have very good skin-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, soft and comfortable, not aging and hard, easy to clean, durable deformation, repeated use can still ensure a good fit, sealing and other advantages.


This new silicone N95 respirator USES a new PTFE nano film covering to replace the conventional polypropylene fusion-sprayed non-woven fabric. The product has passed the performance test of GB/T 32610-2016 (daily protection level), GB 2626-2006 (industrial protection level) and GB 19083-2010 (medical protective mask).


With the new technology, not only can the mask be protected in the case of a shortage of melt-spraying cloth, but also it can be very durable: filtration efficiency of 98% (N95), even if repeated cooking, alcohol disinfection will not fail.



Silicone has advantages

Soft, good fit, this silicone mask not only will not cause skin allergies, and can relieve the pressure of the mask on the face, wearing will feel more comfortable. This can be used repeatedly “long standby” mask in filtering performance is not inferior to the professional level of the N95 mask, filtering efficiency of more than 98%.


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