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Software Simplifies Full-Color 3D ‘Printing’

New software for rapid prototyping and production is said to prepare 3D data files for full-color 3D printing automatically and with unprecedented ease. This is the first product that has resulted from a new software sales and development agreement between Z-Corp., Burlington, Mass., and Finland’s DeskArtes Oy. ZEdit Pro software is reportedly the fastest and easiest way to prepare 3D data files for Z-Corp.’s 3D printers. ZEdit Pro focuses on three functions that improve the quality and direct colorability of 3D printed models: geometry optimization to make 3D data ready for printing automatically; painting and texture mapping for coloring and applying images to models; and print preparation for cutting or hollowing parts. The software can automatically segment oversized CAD models, creating pins and holes for reassembly of the sections after printing, and can hollow out solids that would otherwise waste resources. It also helps create bases and pedestals for models.ZEdit Pro is priced at $2500.
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