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Some Significance Of Dividing CNC Machining Stages

(1) Guaranteeing cnc machining processing quality
During rough machining of CNC machined parts, the metal layer cut out is thicker, the cutting force and tightening force are larger, and the cutting temperature is higher, which will cause greater deformation. According to the processing stage, the machining errors caused by rough machining can be corrected by semi-finishing and finishing, so as to ensure the processing quality of parts.
(2) Facilitate timely discovery of CNC machining blank defects
Various defects of the blank (such as cast pores, sand inclusion, and insufficient balance) are found after rough machining, which is convenient for timely repair or decision to scrap, so as to avoid unnecessary waste caused by continued processing.
(3) Easy to arrange heat treatment process
After roughing, stress relief heat treatment is usually arranged to eliminate internal stress. Before finishing, arrange final heat treatment such as quenching. Deformation caused by heat treatment can be eliminated by finishing.
(4) Reasonable use of CNC processing equipments,
The rough machining allowance is large and the cutting amount is large. Machine tools with high power, good rigidity, high efficiency and low accuracy can be used. The cutting force for finishing is small, the damage to the machine is small, and the high-precision machine is used.In this way, the individual characteristics of the equipment are brought into play, which can increase productivity and extend the use of precision equipments.
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