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Stainless Steel Components Machining

To improve the anti-corrosion capacity of stainless steel,we always need to add the proportion of chrome or add some alloying element which can help passivated.Like Ni,Mo,Mn,Cu,Nb,Ti,W,Co,etc.These elements can not only improve the anti-corrosion capacity of stainless steel,but also can change the internal structure and physical and mechanical properties.Generally speaking,people called these stainless steel with chrome more than 12% or with Ni more than 8% the precision stainless steel mould machining.This kind of steel have some anti-corrosion in air or in corrosive medium.And have higher intension under high temperature(higher than 450 degree)The steel with chrome more than 16%-18% is called acid-resistant steel or acid-resistant stainless steel.When the chrome in steel is higher than 12%,when contact with oxidant,it will have electrochemical action which will lead a passivation film. The different content of these alloying element in steel will lead different property for steel.Some have magnetism but some don’t have.Some can be heat treatment but some can’t do.Because of the special property of stainless steel,it is used widely of aviation,aerospace,chemical industry,building and food industry,etc. Lemo have produced lots of stainless steel components for customers from Europe,America,Australia and so on.
If you have need of stainless steel components,please send your enquiry to                               [email protected]  You can also visit our website for more information.We can produce stainless steel bar,stainless steel shaft,stainless steel rivet,stainless steel gasket,etc.Previous: The process analysis of CNC machiningNext: How to deal with the deformation during precision machining

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