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Supply Warm Cnc Machining Service To Malaysian customers

Good Praise From Malaysia Customers

PTJ Shop is a great local machine shop. They have a wide range of capabilities from milling, turning, EDM, assembly, and more. They are well suited for just about any project including high-volume jobs because of their production cell. Great group to work with all around! Talk to David or Michelle.
—–  Malaysia Customers Beghrism

Supply Warm Cnc Machining Service To Malaysian customers
Beghrism’s Project:5 Axis Cnc Machining Shoe Mold

Beghrism is actually after the sample,he feel our company’s cnc machining service is quite good.
At first, Beghrism felt that if it was done in bulk, it should be made in Malaysia: one is because of good communication, the other is because So close can save some shipping costs.

Supply Warm Cnc Machining Service To Malaysian customers
Shoe Mold Prototype

After two months of communication with Michelle, Beghrism finally decided to come to our company to see if the aluminum parts made by our company met the precision and appearance they wanted.

In March 2019, the arrival of Beghrism was finally ushered in. Beghrism was really meticulous. At our factory, we directly requested to watch our previous project experience, workshop precision instruments, turning department and testing instruments.
After Beghrism viewed our entire factory , he was very satisfied with our company! Two weeks later, he placed a batch order(machining shoe mold) to PTJ Manufacturing Shop.

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