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Talking about the causes of the proliferation of fake and inferior auto parts


Almost all dealers of counterfeit and inferior auto parts are actively involved, in order to make high profits, completely disregarding the interests of consumers. Some unscrupulous businessmen not only deal in counterfeit and shoddy parts, but also do some tricks. For example, adding a small amount of genuine products to a box of counterfeit and shoddy parts. Beware of some trademarks but hard supervision posts. Counterfeit and shoddy auto parts are flooded to achieve the purpose of making fake and genuine parts. In addition, in order to evade inspections, those illegal businessmen often collude to inform each other and use the time difference during inspections to quickly transfer counterfeit and shoddy accessories.

It is not difficult to identify fake and inferior auto parts. Most buyers are willing to take the bait. This is probably the main reason why fake and inferior auto parts are rampant in the market. It is understood that the customers of fake and shoddy auto parts are mainly three kinds of people: one is that some individual drivers, especially the novices who have just entered the road, have insufficient understanding of the harmfulness of fake and shoddy auto parts, in order to save a few money, they are greedy for bargains; Some automobile operation contractors, because they have to bear the cost of vehicle maintenance and wearing parts replacement during the contract period, in order to reduce contracting costs, they buy fake and shoddy auto parts; third, some bus drivers, in order to obtain extra money in vehicle maintenance, purchase prices Low counterfeit and inferior auto parts, and open the price of brand-name or imported parts, earning the difference and fattening your own pockets. Counterfeit and inferior auto parts have their own “benefits”, and counterfeit auto parts have their own temptation. Not only producers, dealers, but also consumers can not stop the temptation of counterfeit cars. This is a confusing and confusing problem. The abnormal economic phenomenon that people worry about.

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