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Talking about the important way to strengthen the stamina of the accessories enterprise


The establishment of an enterprise group can aggregate individual assets into the overall property of the enterprise group. On the one hand, idle and semi-idle assets can be fully utilized through recombination; on the other hand, the advantages of the group members can be complemented by complementary advantages. Or in the case of reducing and increasing investment, speed up the pace of technological transformation and expand production capacity. At the same time, combining numerous small and medium-sized accessory companies to implement professional collaboration is an effective way to change the status quo of “small and comprehensive” and an important means to achieve economies of scale. The establishment of an accessory enterprise group is an important way to speed up the development of accessory products and enhance the stamina of accessory enterprises. Through the establishment of enterprises and groups, people, money, and materials can be used intensively. For example, the concentration of scientific and technical personnel can speed up the speed of product research and development, which is conducive to gaining a foothold in the fiercely competitive auto parts market and enhancing reserve capabilities.

Specifically, the following work should be done. **, to implement a general development and key support strategy for small parts and accessories enterprises. Second, carry out professional collaboration in an all-round way. Not only has it jumped out of the narrowly defined concept of professional collaboration, it has promoted professional collaboration in an all-round way from the standpoint of labor, cost, raw materials, technology, technology, management, and social development. Third, the spare parts enterprises implement self-reinforcement and improvement to promote the improvement of the level of professional collaboration of their units. This mainly includes two aspects: the promotion of technological development and the development of new products in the internal investment of enterprises, and the improvement of the quality of employees. Fourth, use administrative means to implement certain regional protection policies for professional cooperation to promote economic efficiency. Fifth, on the basis of professional collaboration, we will gradually create conditions for the components of the Pan Fittings Enterprise Group.

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