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Tell the working principle of CNC hydraulic press

Hydraulic transmission is a transmission method that uses hydraulic pressure to transmit power and control. The hydraulic device consists of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic motors and other actuators), hydraulic control valves and hydraulic auxiliary components.

Hydraulic pump: A conversion device that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.

Hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic motors and other actuators): Convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

Control valve: Controls the flow, direction, pressure of hydraulic oil, the working sequence of hydraulic actuators, etc. and protects the hydraulic circuit.

Function: To put it simply, it is to control and adjust the flow direction, pressure and flow of the hydraulic medium. So as to control the direction of movement of the actuator, the output force or torque, the speed of movement, the sequence of actions, as well as limit and adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system to prevent overload.

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