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The development of China’s CCL industry I

China’s CCL industry has gone through more than half a century. From 1955, the first CCL in China was born in the laboratory. In 1978, the national CCL production exceeded 1000 tons for the first time. From the 20th century to the mid-1980s, the technology and equipment were imported from abroad. In 2009, the output value of CCL in China reached About 23.2 billion yuan, the output reached 350 million square meters, becoming the leading country in production. The entire development history of China’s CCL industry is a history of constantly overcoming difficulties, constantly innovating and advancing, and making rapid progress. Throughout its development process, it can be basically divided into four stages. 

The initial stage of entrepreneurship (1955-1978) The earliest copper-clad laminate in China was born in the hands of scientists and technicians in the research and development of PCBs. Under the special historical environmental conditions at that time, they played the spirit of “self-reliance, hard work, hard work” and left a glorious historical footprint for the entrepreneurship of China’s CCL. At this stage, China’s electronics industry is developing slowly, the level of PCB manufacturing plants is low, the demand for CCL is small, and the technical requirements are not high. These all restrict the pace of China’s CCL production and technology advancement. 

In the second half of 1955, the 10th Research Institute of China Electronics Industry was the first scientific and technological worker to develop and develop PCB in China. At the same time as the development of PCBs, a process for manufacturing copper clad laminates was created. Such a copper clad laminate is obtained by laminating a copper foil on an insulating paper board to which an adhesive has been previously applied, and performing lamination processing. 

In 1958, among the 500-ton presses of the 704 plant, the large-scale industrial production of CCL in China was first realized. 

In the early 1970s, China’s rolling insulation material production technology realized innovation, and it was also an inspiration for the invention of the continuous CCL technology in the future. In 1978, the total annual output of China’s CCL exceeded the scale of 1,000 tons per year for the first time, reaching 1,500 tons.

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