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The difference between “contrast” high-speed punching machine and ordinary punching machine

In many machinery industries, punches are essential mold production equipment. There are also many types and models of punching machines. What is the difference between high-speed punching machines and ordinary punching machines? Is it just a difference in speed? Is the high-speed one better than the normal one? Let us slowly analyze the following below.

1. Configuration and control aspects

  • Ordinary punches, ranging from ordinary to high-end.
  • High-speed punch presses are mainly equipped with high-end and numerical control, and some are also specially equipped with dynamic balance and balance pads.

2. In terms of speed (that is, the number of strokes per minute)

  • Ordinary punch, generally less than 200 times per minute.
  • High-speed punching machine can reach 600-800 times per minute, and imported mature machines can reach more than 1000 times.

3. In terms of accuracy

Ordinary punching machines have ordinary precision requirements, but high-speed punching machines require high precision.

4. In terms of price

The price of high-speed punch is much higher than that of ordinary punch.

5. Scope of application

Ordinary punch: suitable for various cold stamping processes such as forming, blanking, punching, bending, etc., widely used in electronic components, instruments, toys, automobiles, tractors and other industries.
High-speed punch: widely used in the stamping of small precision parts such as precision electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, auto parts, motor stators and rotors

6. Itinerary

  • Ordinary punch press has a large stroke.
  • The stroke of high-speed punch is small, which has great limitations.

7. Tonnage

  • Ordinary punch presses have a wide tonnage range.
  • High-speed punches are generally not very large in tonnage.

8. Mold

  • The molds of ordinary punch presses are mainly single-punch dies, and the maintenance cost is high.
  • The mold of high-speed punch can be either a single punch or a continuous die

9. Raw materials

  • Various specifications of raw materials used in ordinary punches are available.
  • High-speed punches can only use strips or coils to give full play to its advantages.

All in all, what kind of punch you choose depends on your actual use. According to the requirements of oneself, and then consider the quality, price, configuration and other aspects of the punch, so that it can be more affordable.

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