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The factors to be considered when do CNC processing

The processing method of the surface of a cnc machined part first depends on the technical requirements of the machined surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requirements are not necessarily the requirements specified in the parts drawings, and may sometimes be higher in some respects than the requirements on the parts drawings due to process reasons. For example, due to the non-coincidence of benchmarks, the machining requirements for the surface of some cnc workpieces are increased. Or because of being a fine reference, it may require higher processing requirements.After clarifying the technical requirements of the surface of each cnc machined part, the final processing method that can guarantee this requirement can be selected accordingly, and the processing method that requires several steps and steps can be determined. The selected cnc processing method should meet the requirements of the quality of parts, good processing economy and high production efficiency. For this reason, the following factors should be considered when selecting a processing method:1. The machining accuracy and surface roughness that can be obtained by any type of cnc machining method have a fairly large range, but only in a narrow range is economical. The machining accuracy of this range is economical machining accuracy. For this reason, when selecting a processing method, a corresponding processing method capable of obtaining economical machining accuracy should be selected.2. To consider the nature of the cnc workpiece material.3. To consider the structure and size of the cnc machined parts.4. Consider productivity and economic requirements. When a large number of mass production, high-efficiency advanced technology should be used. It can even fundamentally change the manufacturing method of the blank, which can reduce the amount of labor for machining.5. Consider the existing equipment and technical conditions of the factory or workshop. When selecting the processing method, the existing equipment should be fully utilized to tap the potential of the company and bring into play the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers. However, it should also consider continuously improving existing processing methods and equipment, adopting new technologies and improving the level of technology.
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