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The importance of cleaning the hydraulic system of hydraulic press

Nowadays, hydraulic presses need to be used in the industrial field, and a large number of hydraulic components are becoming more and more complex. The requirement of its matching accuracy is increasing day by day. Therefore, when installing the hydraulic system, once impurities or metal powder are mixed, it will cause adverse phenomena such as wear or jamming of hydraulic components. If the situation is serious, it will also cause major accidents.

Therefore, in order to make the hydraulic system achieve good working performance and service life, the cleanliness of the system should be ensured. When ensuring the cleanliness of the hydraulic system, the most important measure is the cleaning before system installation and operation.

When cleaning the hydraulic system, the cleaning oil should be selected. The pipeline oil tank of the normal system is relatively clean, and the viscosity of the working fluid or the same cleaning oil can be used. Once it is found that the system is not clean, the cleaning will slightly clean the low viscosity oil. For the cleaning of heating oil, the accessories of hot oil system are easy to fall off. Usually, they will be heated to about 50 to 60 degrees. Therefore, the cleaning flow rate shall be as large as possible to facilitate the removal of dirt.

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