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The Main Stadium of The Chengdu Universiade are Capped with A Steel Structure

On March 31, the large-scale steel structure hoisting of the main stadium in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 31st World University Summer Games in Chengdu in 2021 was fully completed, and the steel structure overall unloading preparation stage was started. Multi-disciplinary cross-construction operations such as metal roofing began.

In order to ensure that the main structure of the steel structure of the main stadium in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Chengdu Universiade is to be completed, the construction team of the second construction bureau of the China Construction Bureau will be on duty during the Spring Festival. Effectively respond to the epidemic situation while ensuring production, implement on-site closed-type, grid-based management, set up a return to work line, adopt the epidemic prevention “meal-sharing system” and other measures to complete the project node in advance.

Dong’an Lake Sports Park Stadium is an important project in Chengdu to accelerate the construction of famous sports events cities. The construction company of China Construction Second Bureau is responsible for the construction of steel structures and metal roofs. The total construction area of the project is 120,000 square meters and the building height is 50 meters. It can accommodate 40,000 people. The steel consumption is 14,000 tons, which is equivalent to the steel consumption of two Eiffel Towers.

According to Xu Xingnian, the project manager of the steel structure of the installation company of China Construction Second Bureau, due to the complex structure of the stadium, more than 19,000 steel structural members are required, involving more than 70 types of cross sections, and the risk of aerial work is huge. After comprehensive analysis using the BIM model, the construction party innovatively adopted a “building block” construction method, which divided the entire steel structure body into modules of different sizes. After welding and assembling on the ground, the large lifting equipment was used to hoist the entire structure. Bit. This technology not only greatly reduces the difficulty of installation and construction, but also facilitates the improvement of quality and safety, and shortens the construction period more effectively.

The stadium is also special in that its roof is a 46-meter-wide, 27,000-square-meter, sun-bird design that represents the essence of ancient Shu culture. In order to ensure the beauty of the architectural design and the safety of the structure at the same time, the construction party perfectly integrated the steel structure skeleton with the metal roof and glass curtain wall, drawing on the “bird’s nest” structural inspiration, and adopting the structural form of the combination of the facade cross grid and the plane cantilever truss. This is also the first time that such a structure has been used in a large stadium in China.

It is reported that in April, the stadium will enter the multi-professional cross-construction stage such as metal roofing. It is expected that the metal roofing will be closed at the end of May.

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