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The output of high-end lubricants in China can be greatly increased


It is the practice of most countries in the world to use naphtha as ethylene feedstock, but it may not be the best way to use hydrocracking tail oil as ethylene feedstock. If the part of China’s hydrocracking tail oil used as the ethylene feedstock is replaced by imported naphtha, other companies will produce a little more hydrocracking tail oil, pool them, and refine the annual output through isomerization dewaxing/hydrogenation. One hundred thousand tons of M base oil is completely feasible. If this is done, the output of high-end lubricants in China can be greatly increased, and the market loss of high-end lubricants can be regained.

Using the resource advantages of China’s Daqing crude oil and the existing advantages in the production of conventional base oils, through technological transformation, the production of Class 1 base oils. Most of the equipment producing conventional base oil in China uses Daqing oil as raw material. On the basis of the original device, take out a part of the solvent extraction oil and pass it through the hydroconversion/hydrogenation to refine and solvent dewax, and then a Class 1 base oil can be obtained. In this way, the investment is not large, the original device is basically unchanged, the base oil output is large, the quality is improved by a grade, and the output and quality of paraffin wax are unchanged. It is a way to get the best of both worlds.

Concentrate manpower, material resources, and financial resources to implement “advanced development”, “leapfrog development”, and “technical innovation”. China has a good technical foundation for hydrocracking. Heterogeneous dewaxing/refining technology after hydrogenation has been introduced. Innovations are made on the basis of digestion and absorption. The short-term development of China’s own and class-based base oil production technology is complete. possible. To achieve this goal, we must intensify reforms, accelerate the pace of reforms, and innovate in systems and mechanisms.

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