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The principle of punch selection

There are many types of punch presses, and the details of different types of punch presses in different use categories are very different. Therefore, there are many factors to consider when choosing a punch press. The foundation is the few standards and precision requirements of the stamping parts.

  • A. The small and medium-sized parts are produced by cutting, bending, drawing and polyester parts, using open mechanical presses.
  • B. In the production of medium-sized stamping parts, mechanical presses with closed structure are used.
  • C. Small batch production, hydraulic press is used for the production of large thick plate stamping parts.

Selection of Punch Press Size The following principles should be followed when determining the size of the press:

  • 1. The closing height of the press, the standard of the homework table, the standard of the slider, the standard of the mold handle hole, etc. must be able to meet the accurate installation requirements of the mold. Regarding the crank press, the closed height of the mold should be the larger installation height of the press Between the height of the smaller installation mold. The standard of the homework table should generally be 50-70mm (one side) larger than the lower mold base for easy installation, and the aperture of the backing plate should be larger than the standard of the part or the projection of the waste material, so that the standard of the leaking mold handle should be consistent with the standard of the mold handle hole.
  • 2. The stroke of the press slider should be able to achieve the required standard in the height of the part, and it can be smoothly taken out of the mold after the stamping process is completed. Regarding stretched parts, the stroke should be more than twice the height of the part.
  • 3. The number of strokes of the press should meet the requirements of the production rate.
  • 4. The nominal pressure of the press needs to be greater than the punching workmanship.

But for the process with a long homework schedule, it is not only necessary to check the size of Jin’s workmanship. It is necessary to think about the load curve of Jin’s homework all the way. There are many types of punch presses, and their rigidity, precision, and purpose are different. They should be accurately selected according to the nature of the stamping technology, production batch size, mold size, and precision of parts.

For small and medium-sized parts with large production batches, open crank presses with convenient operation and high production efficiency are used. However, if you produce deep-drawn parts such as washing tubs, use a drawing hydraulic press with a drawing pad. For the production of automobile cover parts, a closed double-action press with a wide range of homework tables is used.

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