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The prospect of medical titanium bar implants

At present, medical titanium bars have become the preferred metal materials for replacement or repair of artificial joints, artificial bones, broken bone fixators, spinal orthodontic rods, bone marrow nails, artificial heart valves, dental implants, skulls and other replacement or repair products. With a world population of nearly 6.5 billion, the problem of global aging is very serious. It can be seen that titanium and its alloys, as the preferred materials for medical metal materials, have a strong market demand in the future. Therefore, it is of great significance to increase the research and development, application and promotion of medical titanium and its alloy materials in China.

Since the 1970s, baoti group, the largest professional manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloy in China, has been cooperating with other scientific research institutions to develop and develop human implant materials such as titanium bone and titanium stent, and has achieved good results. Since the 1970s, China began to use titanium and titanium alloy artificial bone and joint for clinical treatment. The results of artificial femur and hip joint are good after clinical application. In the mid-1980s, the number of domestic titanium and titanium alloy processing materials used in the manufacture of human implants was increasing. In China, the femoral head, hip joint, knee joint, elbow joint, shoulder joint and metacarpophalangeal joint made of titanium and titanium alloy have been transplanted into the human body and achieved very good results.

In surgical implants in China with the research and development and the application fields of titanium alloy material, a lot of research work has made significant progress, but compared with developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, the titanium alloy implant product design, manufacturing, processing, equipment, surface treatment, technological level is a big gap, especially in some high-end implant products.

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