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The types and basic principle characteristics of common surface treatments in precision machining

Types and basic principles and characteristics of surface treatment common in precision machining and precision sheet metal processing


Common surface treatment processes: electrostatic spraying, baking varnish, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, titanium plating, gold plating, silver plating, aluminum anode (hard oxidation, ordinary oxidation and bright oxidation of various colors), impregnation, sandblasting, DLC Treatment, Teflon treatment, Dacromet, black dyeing, blackening, etc.


Baking paint: Put primer and top coat on the substrate, and bake in a dust-free constant temperature paint room. Nowadays, many of them are automated production, streamlined operations, the machine goes in here, and the finished product is sprayed out.


Zinc plating: refers to plating a layer of zinc on the surface of metal, alloy, or other materials to achieve the purpose of beautiful and rust prevention; generally white zinc, yellow zinc, blue white zinc, silver white zinc, etc.;


Chrome plating: A dense chromium oxide film is plated on the surface of metal products, which can make the metal products more durable and not rusty. There are two types of chrome plating, one is decorative chrome and the other is hard chrome. Hard chromium generally uses more machines that are used under normal temperature conditions, such as: molds and shafts and sleeves that require extreme wear resistance; decorative chromium is mainly used for bright and beautiful surfaces while taking into account the function of rust prevention.


Nickel plating: It is a method of depositing a layer of nickel on the surface of metal parts by redox without using external current, which is used for corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and increase gloss and beauty. Steel parts and aluminum parts can be directly plated with nickel. Tin, copper, and copper alloys must be contacted with aluminum sheets for 1-3 minutes to accelerate the electroless nickel plating;


Titanium plating: is to coat the surface of the object with a layer of titanium metal film by electrochemical method. There are many common types, such as: TIN/TIAIN/TIALN, etc.