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The use of CNC aluminum products in various industries in China

CNC aluminum products have low density, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and good reflective properties. In addition, aluminum products have good corrosion resistance. Aluminum products and various aluminum alloys have good ductility and can be used for various plasticity. Processing, aluminum products have low melting point and good casting properties. The following are the current uses of aluminum products in various industries in the country:

1. The application of aluminum products processed in light industry: the most used aluminum for daily use hardware, household appliances, household glass and daily chemical industry.
2. The use of aluminum products processed in the electrical industry: China's high-voltage transmission lines are almost all steel-core aluminum stranded wires, and transformer coils, induction motor rotors, busbars, etc. also use transformer aluminum strips, as well as aluminum power cables, aluminum Cloth wire, aluminum magnet wire, etc.
3. Application of aluminum products processed in machinery manufacturing: The aluminum alloy is mainly used in the machinery manufacturing industry.
4. The use of aluminum products processed in the electronics industry: a wide range of aluminum used in the electronics industry, civilian products and basic components radios, amplifiers, televisions and capacitors, potentiometers, speakers, etc., military products radar, tactical missiles, etc. A large amount of aluminum is used.
5. The products processed by aluminum products play a role in the construction industry: Nearly half of the aluminum profiles are used in the construction industry to produce aluminum doors and windows, structural parts, decorative panels, curtain wall aluminum panels, and the like. Packaging industry: All-aluminum cans are the most popular packaging materials in the global packaging industry. Cigarette packaging is the largest user of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is also widely used in other packaging such as candy, medicine, toothpaste, and cosmetics. Others such as the automotive, metallurgy, aerospace, and railway industries also use aluminum in large quantities.
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