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There is no difference in the processing of Mechanical parts

Nowadays, the technology of cnc machining, tool processing and manufacturing industry is constantly improving. In the past few years, we can know that the manufacturing industry can increase the number of manufacturing industries every year, but not all accessories are Domestic production, want better machinery and equipment, quality is more secure, will also choose export accessories, export accessories, parts, tools, have to admit, the effect will be better.
Mechanical parts processing, the number of CNC machined parts processing is high ?There is no such thing as a difference in the machining of mechanical parts. The standard tolerance is specified by the national standard and is used to determine the tolerance of the tolerance band. The tolerance level determines the accuracy of the size. The national standard has a tolerance of 20 components. The grades are denoted by IT01, IT0, IT1~IT18 respectively, which are called standard tolerances. IT (International Tolerance) represents standard tolerances. When the basic dimensions are fixed, the higher the tolerance grade, the smaller the standard tolerance value, the accuracy of the dimensions. The higher the hole and the shaft with the same basic size and tolerance, their standard tolerances are equal. For the convenience of use, the national standard divides the basic size range of ≤500 into 13 size segments.
Mechanical parts processing, the number of mechanical parts processing is high?Product standardization itself includes three aspects: (1) serialization of product variety specifications – the main parameters, types, sizes, basic structures, etc. of the same type of products are sequentially divided into series products, with fewer products. Variety specifications meet the broad needs of users; 
(2) Generalization of components – parts (such as bolts, housings, couplings and reducers) that approximate the structure of use in the same type or different types of products Generalized interchange after unified; 
(3) Standardization of product quality – product quality is the "lifeline" of all enterprises. To ensure the quality and stability of products, we must do a good job in design, processing technology, assembly inspection, and even packaging, storage and transportation. Standardization. In this way, we can stand in an invincible position in the fierce market competition. Previous: What are the standard Requirements for the Non-standard parts processing ?Next: CNC machining parts precision Range and Application relationship

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